Birds of Prey

Speed - Teamwork - Valor - Domination


Alpha Team: Talons

Hawk   -   Talon Commander, General A. Cummings

      Team leader. Event organizer. Everyone's boss.

      Sniper.     G22 APS2 Sniper Rifle, THE PIG G36C

         " I am 'The last thing you never see.'" --Craig Boone

Puffin   -   Major S. Mein

      High-Speed Assault Unit.     S-556 DMR, S-552, WE1911

          "After I shot him, he said 'Dude! look what you did to my arm!' and I thought to myself...               ...That's what she said..."

Eagle   -  Sergeant Major D. Grissom

      Main Assault Unit.  Alternate support Sniper.      THE MASTER G36C, FN FAL Tactical, M93, L96

          "Why was that guy yelling at me? I only shot him in the face twice!"

Kestrel   -   Sergeant B. Marshal

      High Speed Assault Unit.     MP5 SOB, KMP7, USP 45

          "Boots are optional."

Bravo Team: The Wing

Bloodraven   -   The Wing Commander, Captain C. Carpenter

      Team Coordinator. 

      Spotter and Counter-Sniper.  Secondary Assault Unit.     THE RAKE G36C, M1911

          "When the rules don't suffice, change the rules."

 - Corporal T. Hiti
      High Speed Assault Unit. MP5

Peregrine  -  Specialist R. Graham
      Support Unit.  RK-05
          "Men, there's nothing to be excited about. The situation is normal. We are surrounded!"

Merlin  -  Specialist Z. Carpenter
      Sniper.  MB05 Sniper Rifle
          "The enemy is anyone who's going to get you killed, regardless of what team he is on."

Inactive Roster

Crow    -   Master  Sergeant J. Torano

      Support Unit.      THE SWEEPER SL8 DMR

          "Wait... The guy with the red thing on his head is out?!"

Phoenix   -  Sergeant First Class S. Thompson

     Support Unit.     M60 E4, G21, M1 Thompson

          "The only bad thing about having a gun this big and awesome is that everyone wants to touch it."

Big Bird   -  Sergeant A. Bracher

       Quaternary Assault unit.     CM16 CQB

          "In a Society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society!"

Osprey   -   Corporal J. Casebier

      High-Speed Assault Unit.     SCAR-L, G36C

          "May God have mercy on my enemies... Because I will not."

Thunderbird  -  Corporal J. Day

      Tertiary Assault Unit.     MP5-A2, M1911

Buzzard   -   Private First Class Z. Smith

      Marksman.     M14

          "*quote* " 

Knight Owl   -   Private E. Oliveri

     Secondary Sniper.      M24 Sniper Rifle, M4, M1014


Falcon --Retired      Captain John S

Marksman extraordinaire.

Raven -- Retired      Second Lieutenant Aric C

Shotgun and ACR wielding instrument of your demise. Specially trained in the art of losing handguns. 

Swallows -- Retired      Private Josh C

Eldest member. This guy loves him some magpul externals.

WarClub     C. Thomson

Home Field owner.  Team repair man.  The guy with all the money.

Recruit     Ian M.

Newb who is just now seeing the light of airsoft.

Hunter Brother     C. Chamberlain

Team private wholesale dealer.  Local event organizer.

New Members

We are currently recruiting new members.  If you wish to apply, please visit the Join Us section of this site. 


Due to military obligations of many of the team members, the team will be temporarily suspended until further notice. Send questions via email to [email protected]