Birds of Prey

Speed - Teamwork - Valor - Domination

Birds of Prey Team Charter


Birds of Prey Team Charter

I. Purpose

    The purpose of this team to compete in airsoft events honorably, responsibly, and safely.  Most importantly, our intent is to have fun.


II. Goals

    The primary goal of this team is to increase the skill level and ability to function as a team of its members while enjoying the sport of airsoft. Over time, members will learn discipline, respect, tactics, cooperation, and other skills that will make them a vital part of the team.


III. Requirements

All team members shall meet the following requirements:

1. Possession of a functioning airsoft weapon, be it gas, electric, or spring, that meets the safety requirements. See section V.

2. Possession of a team uniform. See section IV.

3. Maintain civil behavior and appropriate language when participating in airsoft and other events connected to the team. Members must keep in mind that they represent the team and behavior which does not reflect it well will not be tolerated.

4. Maintain a level of moral and sexual integrity which reflects the team and its members in a manner worthy of respect. 

5. Follow the safety rules of the team and the field.

6. Regular attendance to team practices and events when not prohibited by sports, family, school, work, etc.

7. Maintaining a physical fitness level that allows for easy jogging of at lest one mile in full gear.


IV. Uniforms

Our uniform is a set of Woodland Digital or MARPAT camouflage or a ghille suit with matching or olive drab gear. Night or urban digital camouflage and black clothing are acceptable for night and cqc games.  Alternate camouflage patterns are permitted to match extraordinary weather and environmental conditions. Team members will also display a Birds of Prey patch somewhere on their uniform. Solid combat or hiking boots or other shoes suitable for a harsh environment are also required.

V. Safety

    For safety purposes the speed of all projectiles shall be limited as follows. All measurements are made using 0.20 gram 6mm airsoft bbs.
Sniper Rifles- 550 fps, 60ft safety kill zone
DMRs- 450 fps, semi auto only, 40 ft safety kill zone
AEGs and other automatics- 400fps, use judgement for safety kills
CQC weapons and pistols- 350fps, no saftey kills required

Adequate eye protection is to be worn on the field at all times. If you must clean your lenses, go to the respawn or no-fire zone or otherwise remove yourself from combat and clean them. Some form of mouth protection is recommended, airsoft bbs can chip and break teeth.

    Rubber knives or other may be used for safety kills by tapping the enemy. Rubber knives may not be used to stab or slash. No sharp or metal knives or other such weapons will be tolerated on the field.